Light Or Dark, No In Between 

Dark all winter and light all summer, everyone knows this is part of the seasonal cycles in Alaska.  I thought it would be more like sleeping in the day after a night shift but really it is nothing like that.  It is more like getting your kids to bed at 3:00pm when they don’t feel tired.  If you aren’t watching the time closely you don’t notice how late it is as it doesn’t get dark until midnight.  You think it is 5 or 6:00pm and nope it’s 10:00pm. If you happen to notice in time to get your kids into bed at a decent hour they can not get to sleep and spend hours getting into trouble and being noisy in their room.  Yesterday Eve finally put herself in the closet and closed the door so it would be dark enough for her to go to sleep.  I don’t want to be taking melatonin too frequently so I’m trying to avoid that but I’m lucky to get to sleep before midnight even when I work the next day.  I’m thinking very soon we are going to have to Jerryrig something to darken the rooms.  The one part about it that I am liking is that the kids are taking so long to get to sleep that they are sleeping in late consistently.  I am glad we are getting to experience this first hand it is part of living here.

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