How many Sarah Owens’ Can There Be In The World?

I have worked in two hospitals in California where I was the second Sarah Owens in their system which confused them a bit and made getting my logins and accesses a little more difficult.  The Providence system is way way too big to only have one Sarah Owens of course that has really confused things.  The first time they created my access it was under a student, or some other clinical but limited access who happened to share my name, well mostly she didn’t have the S at the end of her name, then they did have a Sarah Owens in their system but was a social worker in Oregon providence system.  Which they set me up as… Needless to say I spent a good bit of my day today on the phone with providence clinical support hotline and an equal amount of it in the nursing manager’s office and some of the time doing both… It isn’t completely fixed yet but at least they figured out that they were setting me up with someone else’s account before we got much further.  Oh the joys of getting me all set up here, and oh the joys of having such a common name (I wouldn’t want a different name though even if it did make things easier).

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