All A Dream

It got a little cold in the night, I started with the sleeping bag as just a blanket then I was in the sleeping bag with it zipped to my knees then to my chin and then back down to my waist.  I was afraid of sweating and then getting to cold, but I left waking up sweaty.  So though I did get cold I put on my beanie and then turtled my head into the sleeping bag.  I must have fallen back to sleep though because some how Tiffany managed to get already with out waking me up.  I took the 800mg of Ibuprofen as soon as I sat up. I was hardly sore at all amazingly, and my back held up.  The chiropractor was the most concerned about my back with sleeping in the ground hence the new pad that I had been waiting to arrive Monday. The pre packaged egg breakfast was alright.  I like how easy it is to boil water and have a meal just like that.  If any of you know me well you know Chad does all of our cooking and there may be a good reason for that. Well Tiffany did all the cooking on our trip. I am thankful for that.  She was more of an expert in her jet boil and I just made sure we reserved enough of our water to be able to make it.  (really Tiffany did that part too) maybe she just keeps me around for comic relief, but I’d like to think that my presence benefited her too.  We made it out of camp around 0630.  We had a 1000′ climb right out of the gate and we wanted to get it done before it got any hotter.  The guy who worked at REI was headed out of camp around the same time, we didn’t ask him for help with our packs, but we all three put them on together and we walked through the steps of the best way to put on your pack with us.  He said that it is a passion of his to help people with enjoying the great outdoors and we sure we’re thankful for his help.  The pack felt light on my shoulders today and I could move my arms.  Yoda, knowing it was only 5 miles to water and it would be a strait up climb wanted to lighten her load so she shared some excess water she was carrying.  We enjoyed every drink.  We needed up having water remaining when we finished but in our heads we did not have enough water and were cautiously hold on to our remaining supply so we were so thankful for the gift. 

My layers came off quickly once we started moving.  My legs were only a little stiff, and I had to keep stopping during the climb to stretch my calves. 

All of the beautiful Manzanita trees made me think of getting ready for Al and Liz’s wedding with Aunt Susan.  Wrapping the manzanita in Christmas lights.  It’s rich red branches and charming foliage made it feel very unlike we were walking in a desert at all. 

The view was a stunning reward for making it up the climb. 

As glad as I was to get so far before the heat of the day it was sad to come to the finish line so early in the day. 0915…

We walked in the opposite way of the rest of the hikers as we made our way back to the truck. We used the restrooms, put our packs in the back and drove to the famed malt shop that caters to the PCT hikers.  We ate a very early lunch (a milkshake for me) and visited a while. 

The guy in the white shirt is the one who helped us with our packs he, the gray shirted one and Yoda in the lavender all have recently hiked the AT. Everyone was so engaging and looking out for one another it was a fun culture to be a part of if only for one day. Yoda asked if she could get a picture with us which of course made us feel loved.  
We gave a ride to a hiker to an outfitter store he was already struggling with shin splints and had been hulled up in Morena Lake for three days.  It was on our way and a pretty drive at that. We got into San Diego and stiffly unloaded the car, sorted out bags and parted our ways…with Tiffany and I both happy, but also in disbelief that it was over allready.  All that planning and anticipation…the hike already felt like a dream that was a life time away.  The family was surprised to see me back so soon.  I took a shower and washed my clothes and dishes.  Then turned my phone back on and let everyone know I had made it back to civilization safely.  As soon as my phone was on it buzzed with messages.  I was overjoyed to see that my sweet husband and beautiful kids went hiking too. 

I’m in love with those sweet faces. 
I went with Marissa to show her horse, but mostly sat in the car trying to stay warm. When I did get out j could hardly walk which made me giggle as I knew I must look rediculous. 

I’m clean and smelling good again, so thankful for this experience, I am continually humbled by the grace, blessings and love I have been shown/given by my Heavenly Father.
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