National Day Of Prayer, Cassie’s Heaven Birthday

My Grandpa has struggled in his advanced retirement age to find a purpose for his presence still on this earth.  He wants to make a difference in the community and feels less and less capable of doing so, until recently.  In the last year maybe less he has been given a heart for prayer and praying for the people in the community where he lives.  Praying for revival.  In the last month he has spearheaded 24 hour a day prayer for a week, and helped organize for today the national day of prayer each church in Falbrook to take a section of the town and walk through it praying for each family and home.  Our church was to meet at 0900.  I had not planned to be back from hiking so I had not committed to helping, but was so thankful that it worked out to be with him for this event.  We had six people which maybe wasn’t the turn out he had hoped for but we were reminded of the story of Gideon and knew that the people who were supposed to be there would.  It seemed like a big area but I could see that we were overlapping territory and each house may have been prayed for several times.  The weather was perfect for that kind of exercise not too hot or too cold, but just right.  A fellow homeschooling family we met in this assignment was there.  I was blessed in getting to spend so much quality time with God, one thing that is so amazing to me is that we think we are giving so God can bless others and we totally are.  But, The whole time God is using that same scenario to bless us back and work on our own hearts.  We started walking at 0930 and finished at 1220.  I thought some people may think my walking pattern was suspicious, but I must have look very warm and friendly because so many people smiled and waved or said goodmorning as I walked past.  Grandpa met me at the last street and we walked it hand in hand.  Finishing our Fallbrook prayer date off with a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  We came home and I’m not sure what else we did all day.  Grandpa sat at the table reading his Bible.  I layed down for a nap at around 5:30pm and didn’t come back out of my room until morning.  

Chad and the kids spent the day with Chuck and Donna at the beach.  Today makes 14 years of our life on this earth lived with the absence of Cassie, Chad’s sister.  I remember those first few years never did 10 seconds go by when my memory did not flash back to something Cassie related.  Only knowing her two years is definitely my loss.  I sure am thankful for the memories we did make.  After the first visit when I stayed I slept on the trundle pull out in Cassie’s room one morning I woke up when she was coming back to her room from the shower.  She was new to this whole one leg thing and had not figured out how to do both the towel and crutches.  You can imagine which one did not make it back to her room from the bathroom.  I took one look at the situation and decided that I would continue to pretend to be asleep until she had a little more clothes on.  I fessed up to this later and shortly after we returned to college I recieved a cute card in the mail.  On the front of it it read “I was sitting here naked thinking of you” I about died laughing.  She could be so serious some times but that time she got me.  This story still makes me laugh.  I have two sisters maybe that should make this loss easier, but I know what I’ve lost that makes it hard.  I was so looking forward to having Cass as my sister-in-law….

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