Desert Valley Visit

I love my Desert Valley girls.  I have been wanting to visit since we arived back in California.  There are a number of reasons why it had not happened yet, one being the 2.5-3hour drive, and the other main reason is Chad is with the kids allow the time, I feel guilty about requesting to take other “field trips” besides work. That has him watching the kids all by himself.  On Satueday night the house keys had been turned over to the tenants, and my work was done.  The kids and Chad were in Oregon so I took the opportunity to visit Desert Valley L&D.  I met Anne for lunch first the. Visited with the nurses for about 2.5 hours.  A lot has changed there in a year.  I got to visit with a few of my favorites, but missed so many more that I would have loved to see.  2.5 hours was not enough, but the hospital is in a bad part of town and Gramdpa was worried about me being out so late.  It was hard to leave.  There is such good fellowship with the Nurses.  I love you guys!!!!

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