Suzanne’s Visit

I feel bad.  Both my sister Suzanne (and family) and my mom have visited while we have been here and I have not detailed much or any of either visit. On this blog.  Mom came for her spring break in March.  We had just started packing up the house.  As a grandchild, not even a child of the estate, there was a lot of things that I did not feel comfortable sorting or making any decisions on and Grandpa could not help me.  It was just too stressful for him.  I could check in with each of the thre remaining kids and make decisions that way but that process is arduous, and very time consuming.   Mom was able to come in and work for nearly a week straight sorting all of the tax forms, legal documents,  and supplementing the boxes labeled with each grandkids name to make sure they were filled with items that would have specific meaning to them  as well as the specific items that had been requested from the estate. It was a hard and emotional job filled with tears, late nights, and early mornings.  I had been in a similar boat and was so thankful to have someone to share the burden with.  I however was not a very good partner in crime as I only had one day off the whole time she was here.  I did get to be off the morning she left however and so we got coffee and I drove her to Uncle Richard’s house where she met up with her sister for her sister time drive up to Sacramento to head home.  A lot was accomplished the week ended with many packages getting sent to loved ones and a u-haul driven to Sacremnto filled with items for the Sacramento family, Susanville, and Redding.  At that point the house no longer looked like Grandma and Grandpa’s house which made packing up easier.  We could breath easier as most of the “has to go to this person” stuff was done and the “should be done by a child not a grandchild” stuff was also done.  We worked away one or two work days a week taking some time to go away and still do some things besides work and the house.  Suzanne came the last four days we were in the house for the final push.  As much as I dislike not being able to answer all the questions as to where exactly everything is we needed the help. I also worked the entire time she was visiting except for the one crazy errand day where I might as well have not been home.  The kids are so cute.  I struggle at being a good auntie so it was fun to see Hadassah being so happy to see me.  I have lost ground with Elijah though.  After last summer we were on pretty good terms but at such a young age we are again strangers to him 😟.  Each visit was exactly what we needed when we needed it to get the job accomplished. 

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