You Know God Is In All The Details!

I was hesitant about how work was going to go with my back that was finally feeling normal again.  Driving the stick shift pickup with old shocks and a bench seat (That thankfully Chad was able to move up so I could reach everything easier).  I grabbed my ice pack and tucked it behind me to ice while I drove.  Having the seat made a big difference and I was able to lift my right leg into the car (quite a ways of the ground) with only the smallest twinge of pain.  My post partum assignment was good to me giving me time to ice my back periodically while charting.  I did have one triage patient that requested me so I got to do that as well making the work load a little more even as the triage nurse was much busier than I was.  There was time to visit with the volunteer who was wise, joyful and interesting to talk to.  It was one of those days that we are all so thankful to have every once in a while meaning my back didn’t even notice that I was off work.  I am on the mend, but being on the cautious side.  Grandpa hasn’t been letting me lift or help move anything I’m sure that is helping too.  Gotta feel the love for sure. 

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4 thoughts on “You Know God Is In All The Details!

  1. Samantha Neal-Keith

    Hope you get to healing fast!!!

    • When the chiropractor adjusted my back, I asked for ideas to make it still possible for me to go backpacking on a trip that we had planned for one week to the day away. You should have seen his face. It took a couple of days for the pain to go completely away, time, ibuprofen and frequent icing. I don’t think it is a permanent fix though. I need to do some core strength work and follow up, but I will only be in California for one more week so it will have to wait. I hope your new assignment is going good. Miss you ❤️

  2. John Larch

    Vicki and I spent a couple days farting around Olympia WA. We had a hotel deal in Chehalis so were seeing the sites there as well as nearby Centralia.
    In Chehalis one day, we came around a corner and saw a place called VISITING NURSES THRIFT STORE. Uh… !!!!!!! ?????? We didn’t stop in but I looked on-line later and found their web site. They have three stores in the Chehalis/Centralia area. It’s just a local area thing there, but the name sure caught our attention because of the link to your Traveling Nurses employment.

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