On Call/Errand Day

By contract we generally can’t be put on call for a regularly scheduled shift.  It just so happened that I was scheduled with another traveler, in an effort to not have both RN’s on the floor be travelers the hospital called and asked if I would be willing to be on call.  Really? No way! I have not been asked this assignment so far and would never have asked for or expected the call.  Now I do know that it means a drop in pay for this week, but my back needed a longer rest.  It would allow me to have going away breakfast with Chad and the Kids who were heading north from the restaurant back to Oregon where they will prepare for the next assignment as I finish this one.  We were joined by Suzanne, Jeremy, Hadassah, and Elijah who would head to the airport to fly home, Uncle Richard, and Grandpa.  The alarm went off at five. We dashed around getting kids up and in the car, folding blankets, stuffing sleeping bags, unloading the freezer, deflating the air mattress, emptying a last drawer, putting grandpa’s bed in storage in the garage, checking the back yard for toys, taking the garbage to the curb and locking up the house for the last time.  We were a little late to our breakfast date pulling in at 0611.  No one was focused on their food we were all kind of dumb founded that this moment was appon us so soon. We visited and the kids colored, still waking up. 

Didn’t we have another month?  

As warm and cozy as the house still feels it won’t ever have the same feel again…. Hugs all around as we parted our ways. After breakfast Grandpa and I caravaned to Uncle Richards house to unload my clothes and backpack.  I made a call to the hospital to check up on the OB unit.  They promised to give me a warning call when things started to get busy assuring me to stay where I was at and not to worry about hanging out close by unless I have heard from them.  I had some errands to run and so did Grandpa so we decided to do them together.  We went to the lab for a second urine drug screen in 24 hours.  This one was for the position in Alaska (I have never been so drug screened in my life, but hey bring it on).  After that we picked up Grandpa’s dry cleaning.  As we were visiting with the associate a lady next to us said something to the effect of hey you’re the guy who is renting your house to us.  We turned to see the cheerful face of Grandpa’s new tenant.  She followed us to the house to make a final pre cleaning lady inspection.  It was weird to walk through the house that was filled with family only hours before now with someone who’s wheels were visibly turning about how many things she planned to do and change just as soon as she had a chance.  I would be just like her eager to make my new home uniquely mine, but this time it was just a blunt reminder that our job/time here was done…ready or not.  Grandpa gave her a key and we headed back out to pick up his dress shoes from the repair shop, and change his address at the post office, then we visited over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Grandpa flirted with the barista he is so funny.  I loved to hear the stories that kept coming to him.  A little pause in between and then another jewel of a memory.  He had a free lunch at the Garden Center so we ate there for lunch getting maybe a little too full on fish tacos.  The next stop was the bank, Kohl’s so I could get some jeans as both of my pairs had holes in them and then the gas station, and last of all the pharmacy.  We made eggs and sweet potatoe fries for dinner.  I had continued to ice my back in the morning and several more times in the evening.  Instead of being able to lift my leg only 1/2 inch of the ground I could now lift it 5-6 inches and at times even more than that.  The pain was much less and I was feeling like my back was 95% better.  Thank you God you knew exactly what I needed…a second day to rest my back, a chance to spend that much more time with Suzanne and her family, say goodbye to my husband and kids in person, and get so much accomplished that needed to get done.  Chad and the kids made good time to Redding.  I was jelous of the time they were able to spend with Al, Liz, and Tobias but I know I was where I needed to be doing what I needed to be doing.  I’m so thankful for that!!

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