Earth Day 2016

We just happened to be at the right place at the right time to enjoy this celebration.  It was like a street fare/ recycling/ conservation of our planet affair.   We walked from our hotel not wanting to risk giving up our parking spots that were hard to come by in downtown San Diego.  The traffic and people became thicker as we got closer to the park.  There were a few posted signs and it didn’t take too long to put two and two together.  Some of the smaller museums were closed but we didn’t even notice, this wasn’t an inconvenience but an opportunity.  The kids enjoyed looking at the tiny houses and electric cars, making bags out of old t-shirts and seed balls for planting in a flower garden.  The girls liked the hula dancing and jazz.  

 Caleb thinks he found his first car.  With a max speed of 55mph I told him it would be too slow to drive on the freeway. 

  I was a little surprised by the eastern religion portion of the fair.  I guess I shouldn’t have been.  

It was a hot day and so after lunch we ducked into the San Diego History Museum (really a museum of the San Diego Zoo history) it didn’t seem like much to my adult eyes but I am pretty sure it was the kids’ favorite.  And through thier eyes I could see its value.  There was a lot of hands on activities coloring, making hats, preparing food for the different animals based on their diets (omnivore, carnivore, herbivore) with shelves of pretend food. Matching plants with their smells, and animals with their sounds, dress up, zoo veterinarian exam room complete with X-rays and incubators, and the volunteer quizzed the kids on decade specific zoo history with a fabulous time machine formerly used for school assemblies and educational programs.   
    Bottle nipples for all the different kinds of animals.  I recognize the cow and sheep/goat ones from my childhood.  There are few in the front that look like ones used for human babies. In the back are surrogate marsupial pouches. 
 The kids got 100% on their zoo quiz, some of that was just lucky guessing.  

Hannah had been fighting a cold with an elevated temperature the day before at the zoo and it came back full force after we finished the museum.  We checked out a few of the tents and watched a manic show on our way back across the park, but she started melting quickly so even though we had a little time before the end of the day we didn’t try to hit up any additional museums.  We bee lined for our hotel a different route than we had been walking and it seemed to pay off.  Some crackers and an ibuprofen later and she was nearly back to her smiley self in time to enjoy some pizza dinner and a game of exploding kittens.  Chuck and Donna reserved adjoining rooms for us which we are always so thankful for.  We enjoy being altogether although it is occasionally too much invasion of personal space with the kids continuously clamoring to be the closest one to grandma and grandpa.  We haven’t figured out a good system for turn taking with hand holding, sitting by at meals, riding with, sleeping in the room with grandma and grandpa.  I guess they are making up for lost time, I just hope we don’t scare them off 😉.  

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