Air, Space, Automotive, and Fleet Center Museums and a Suprise Gift of an IMAX Show

Was it only me starting the morning slower than usual?  I didn’t want to rush anything.  Checking out of the hotel, driving to the park, seeing the museums…each moment/activity is one moment closer to saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and diving back into the thick water at work and in Fallbrook.  This hasn’t been an easy assignment. Maybe that is why I treasure these opportunities to break away so much.  Maybe it is because we realize what a gift we have been given to make memories together.  We dawdled a bit and still made it to the Air and Space museum 20 minutes before it opened. No worries, we found a shady spot as the sun was already warm overhead and checked out the old car displayed outside of the neighboring automotive museum.  10:00am rolled around and we headed into the Air and Space museum.  Right away we started down the flight hall of fame with so much to read, see, and learn.  There wasn’t enough time in the day to read every plaque.  So fascinating.  


   A gentleman viewing the museum at the same time as us talked about seeing this next pilot fly when he was a child.  He said he could pour tea while doing loops in his plane and his hat never came off.  I had never heard of him.  
    Could you imagine being the one to ride in the retractable ball turret?!?








 We had a late lunch and decided to see the Automotive museum but that grandma and grandpa would have to leave in half an hour so they may not get to see the whole thing with us.  The Automotive museum ended up being quite a bit smaller than the air and space one so we were able to see the whole thing in just over half an hour. 

 Donna and I joked that this was the first class B motorhome.  So cool you could hanged the tire while still drive no doen the road.  It had everything including the kitchen sink.  

    One of the firsts roads in the US was made of wooden planks. I didn’t get a chance to read the whole display, but I can’t imagine it weathered or withstood the wear well.  
 I could always say the time passed too quickly, but I can also say we took advantage of every moment. Saying goodbye, again…you would think it would get easier. Somehow knowing we will see them again soon only helps a little.  Hugs all around and I love you waves to send Grandma and Grandpa Owens off back to Oregon with our love and prayers for safe travel came next.  The kids were brave and picked thier chins up calculating that it would only be a few days and Aunt Suzanne  would come and then just a little more than a week they would be headed back to Oregon.  

We didn’t have nearly as long to travel so we decided to hit up one more museum before heading back to Fallbrook.  







 We were all five building towers   

 A husband and wife ventured through the exhibit where we were building and checked out all of our structures asking the kids about theirs especially Eve who had detailed answers as to why she had designed hers the way she had.  They went on and we went on building minutes later the lady reappeared and asked if we would be offended if she bought us tickets to see the National Parks IMAX show.  We said, “no” she disappeared and came back with tickets. She introduced herself and her husbanand explained that she had asked her husband to bring her to the IMAX show for her birthday and getting to take us to the show was her birthday gift to herself.  What a fun an unexpected gift.  The kids had never been to an IMAX show and they loved it.  I just kept praying that somehow we would bless this couple as much as they had blessed us.  Happy Birthday Linda,  and thank you Jim and Linda for the IMAX tickets may you be blessed for your giving hearts.


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