The World Famous San Diego Zoo

The zoo doesn’t open until 9:00 am.  Hannah was up coughing early around 0615.  It was a croupy cough so I had her get a glass of water and we sat out on the balcony of our hotel while she drank it.  Her cough went away but she was still sounding s bit raspy.  She jumped in the shower and it seemed to clear the rest of her morning cold away.  We all took our turns showering and getting dressed.  Then headed to the continental breakfast.  My phone rang and the women calling me inquired as to why I was not at my fetal monitoring class this morning.  Chad ran up to our room and retrieved my papers that clearly stated my class was Sunday and Monday and today was Saturday.  They weren’t sure what the problem was with the sign up but class had already started and they were calling because I did not show.  They  apologized about the mix up and since I only have to have a fetal monitoring course it doesn’t have to be intermediate the Advanced course I have scheduled for Tuesday (I double checked the date and time with the lady on the phone) will still work for my job requirement and because it was their mistake as the paper and event calendar clearly stated that it was a Sunday Monday class they will refund the amount of the class to me.  The bonus is that for awhile this morning I thought “Oh no, not only am I going to miss hanging out with my in-laws on Sunday now I will miss our big event day Saturday at the zoo with them as well๐Ÿ˜ช.  Also because they are going to refund the money we are out for the class and any fetal monitoring class will fulfill the requirement I now get to spend Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday with my family. ๐Ÿ˜Š Although I really wanted the class/ it is the best of all the fetal monitoring classes doing only the advanced will work and God knows I needed this time away with Chad, the kids, and my mom and dad-in-law.  I’m not complaining but there have been many things that have made this a hard assignment for me.  

Parking is free at the zoo so after breakfast even though it was only a two mile walk we decided to drive to the zoo and save our steps for covering the zoo’s 100 achers of amazing animals.  


   We started off with the bus tour…I remember a lot more open space things have changed a lot in the last twenty years.  So many cool animals to see.  
    The polar bear put on quite a show for us. 


 In this pen was a dog and cheeta supposedly they buddy up really well, playing together and bonding.  The cheeta supposedly experiences less stranger/human stress because it doesn’t stress the dog out to be around humans and since it doesn’t stress the dog out the cheeta trusts the dog and follows its lead.     
  There was a tiny baby giraffe born in December who is now just 7 feet tall.  I guess giraffe babies are around 6 feet tall when they are born.  He looks so little when standing next to the rest of them.

   It is hard to read the sign since I cut half of it off but this little Joey koala was found on the ground see how tiny she was.  The put her back in her momma’s pouch and stitched the pouch shut for a few days hoping for the best and now she is a healthy thriving adult.  All the koala’s were sleeping and the zoo worker in that area said that koala’s sleep for 20 hours a day.  
   These are leg less lizards. They are very bizarre looking, but fun to watch.                              Baby ducklings that didn’t look to be much older than a few days.     The hippo mom and baby were so affectionate toward eachother that was fun to watch.                                   Incase you are worried the kids know better than to pet real rattle snakes.         

 We were at the zoo from open to closing and I’m afraid besides the bus tour we saw maybe 1/3 of the zoo.  Maybe 1/4.  Oh well it was very fun and we all learned new things.  For dinner we found a nice Vietnamese resaurant and had pho for dinner as well as Vietnamese espresso for dessert.  I don’t know if I can blame dessert on me being wide awake at 0400 this morning or not ๐Ÿ˜ฌ in sure it would still be worth it if it was to blame. 



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