Balboa Park with Grandma and Grandpa Owens

We have been counting down the days for a few weeks now to Grandma and Grandpa  Owens coming to visit us.  They got in Thursday evening meeting us at one of Uncle Richard’s favorite restaurants called The Mill in Temecula we didn’t tell the kids that they were getting  in early as they weren’t expecting   to see them until Friday.  I don’t think I could wait another minute anticipating there visit just as much as the kids.  We ate dinner then stopped in at Uncle Richards visiting for a while getting home late but happy.  The kids got tucked into their beds and us adults visited for a little bit longer.  In the morning Chad made boba tea for all of us and pancakes as the kids took grandma and grandpa to the abandoned lot where we like to pick fruit and they showed them where we have been going to church as it isn’t too far from the abandoned lot.  Grandpa Lawhead and Samantha visited for a little while before we headed towards Dan Diego.  We checked into our hotel and walked to the park. We decided on a plan to get the 7 day pass to all of the museums and zoo.  We visited three of the museums after finding some lunch at an outdoor cafe.  We started at the model train museum that I remember visiting as a kid with Babs (a friend of Grandma Lawhead) Grandma and Samantha.  Babs’ husband Geno had a model train that took up almost their whole basement and was really my first exposure to this fun hobby.  I loved that it was the favorite museum of the day.  Then we saw the MOPA (Museum Of Photographic Art) it was small but there was so intriguing pieces, then lastly we saw the San Diego Natiral History museum mostly enjoying the 3D whale movie.  
  This is a model of a real railroad can you imagine riding a heavy train over old wooden tresses this high up.  I would be holding my breath for sure.  
  Look at the shark in the swimming pool!  
  I think the load may be just a bit too heavy for this donkey.  
    Even Thomas is here!
 Such a beautiful butterfly garden we had to take the opportunity for a group photo.  We walked our way back to the hotel and took Chuck and Fonna out to Slater 50/50 for dinner.  It is fun to share a few of our favorite places with them.  

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