What! Snow on the Siskiyous!

There had been no sign of snow two days earlier when we had driven up I-5 how could we be changing our route due to extreme weather over the pass? We decided it was best to avoid the snow especially since there was other ways to go that did not involve the white slippery stuff.  We drove the very scenic but much slower route down highway 101.  We stopped in Crescent City and enjoyed the beach.  Our friends that live there were busy working.  We were sad to to miss seeing them, but it still made a wonderful stop.  The kids enjoyed the drift wood adding on to an already existing fort.  


   We stopped at the Redwoods also.  Doing the thrutree tour and the Avenue of the Giants. Stopping at the National Park visitor’s center for a short time.  

    Highway 1 broke off from 101 and the scenery changes as we moved away from the beach.  We makes plans to return someday to drive what we can of hwy 1 and at least see Fort Bragg.  It won’t be this trip, or this assignment.  We spent the night near San Francisco so that our first views the next mornin were of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.  



 The kids were getting tired of their seats, but we wanted to finish out driving down 101.  

 We loved watching for the bells along side the road that marked the El Camino Real  

 We arrived back in Fallbrook at 9:30pm, safe and sound.  0415 came early, oh the joys of day shift and a long commute.  So thankful to be here though. 

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