Spring Forward Sunday

I don’t know how many of you look forward to Spring Forward.  Getting up an extra hour early is oh so fun, not!  After going to bed around midnight, the new 0100 (a third late night in a row), I poutted to myself.  Sleep, at some point in my life, has got to start taking up residence a little higher on my priority list.  But, alas, this time like so many others I had made plans to try to squeeze in one more thing and would pay for it out of my sleep deprivation account promising myself to pay it back with extra sleep someday, maybe after I die.  We this spring forward day started at 0530 for an 0600 coffee date with Mary Beth.  I know that she too was questioning her sanity after agreeing to such an early meeting, but once we were there we realized it was worth it as there would be no other time this visit to see each other.  We found the warmest seating at Starbucks and cuddled into our coffee.  The next hour and a half of visiting flew by.  I headed home to get the kids up and ready for church buying Steph coffee along the way.  Chad headed out to get coffee for himself at Dutch Brothers (I know, I’m a bad wife.  I bought coffee for my sister and not my husband. It didn’t even cross my mind until I pulled into our driveway.) I got the kids ready for church.  We love seein our church family.  Today was no different.  Sunday school then church, Chuck was security in the parking lot so I was able to snatch up the best seat in the house beside my mother-in-law and former Sunday School teacher and mentor.  Arm in arm we raised our voices in praise and worship to our Lord and Savior, another think that I have so dearly missed.  My mother and father-in-law know how we feel about them.  We don’t let too many days go by with out telling them how much we love and appreciate them, but that does not diminish the feels of appreciation and inadequacy for the many blessings God has given us, one of the major ones being our parents and parents-in-law.  We visited with many people at church being the last ones to pick up our kids from their individual classes.  Stephanie, Jayson, Cyrus, and Great Grandma Brown joined us at Chuck and Donna’s for lunch.  The kids got into a mud fight, watched a movie and rediscovered all of the toys Grandma has stashed away.  


 We probably stayed later than we should have, but it is so hard to say goodbye.  I often think I’m not ready to come home for good, those times happen less and less. More and more I see how in so many ways it is time.  Our heart aches with the absence/distance from our loved ones. We miss them terribly, and are counting down six months until this adventure is over and we will be home.   


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