Home to Cyrus

We probably slept in a little late, I’m not really sure.  As we had been up, showered and dressed.  I sent Caleb up to Grandma and Grandpa’s room to check on them.  Hannah followed and soon grandma was at our door.  We packed all of our stuff out to the car and then checked out grandma and grandpa’s room way up on the top floor.   

 The rain had started back up, I’m not sure it had really stopped, but it wasn’t driving rain more of a continuous spit.  The kids asked to ride in grandma’s new car to breakfast and that was totally fine except grandma didn’t have car seats.  Hannah’s car seat was ok to go in grandma’s new car but Eve’s was not.  She want too happy about that but maybe she will think about how much of a mess she makes of her car seat from here on out.  We met up at Pig n Pancake for breakfast.  We visited more there. So much to catch up on and so little time.  There were staying at the beach another day, but with only two days to be in Oregon we felt like we should head on to our house to visit with Stephanie, Jayson and Cyrus.  We left after breakfast stopping on our way out of town to get saltwater taffy and some sea foam.  We made plans to have dinner with Chuck and Donna after church the next day (Sunday).  We made it home to an eager Cyrus just before noon.  Stephanie was at work and Jayson I’m guessing had been cleaning the house because it looked pretty good.  I set to work folding clothes as the kids played in the front yard.  Soon all the neighborhood kids were coming out to play.  

 Hannah asked if she could have a play date with her best friend Hannah.  I called her mom and they just happened to be at the Gilbert House a perfect place for a play date.  They envited her to join them.  Chad and Jayson had some errands to run so the took her to her play date and Hannah’s dad dropped her back off on his way home.  As I folded clothes I called Becky one of my good friends and one of Chad and my favorite couple friends to hang out with.  I didn’t really expect that she would answer it was a Facebook messenger call and I hadn’t ever called her before.  Kailyn answered and I got to hear about what she had been up to.  I envited them to come over and hang out, which they said they hoped to when the girls wake up from their naps.  They arrived just as Chad and Jayson were headed out to get Chinese food for dinner.  They turned around and got Mark to go with them.  Stephanie came home from work at that same time.  Stephanie, Becky and I visited.  The kids all played together and with the neighbor kids who were over too.  All the laughter and activity so warmed my heart.  Hanging with Mark, Becky and the girls is like hanging out with my sisters and their families we have spent so much time together.  We talked about the new baby coming, the school year and work, but mostly we just laughed together and spent time together.  The boys came back and make macaroni and cheese for the kids and we grownups had Chinese.  Two of the neighbor kids stayed for dinner.  

   We enjoyed the time, it makes us look forward to the time when we will be back home and having friends over for dinner can be a regular occasion once again.  Steph and I visited for a little longer before crashing for the night…oh it felt so good to sleep in our own bed again. 

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