Torrey Pines with Tiffany

We met Tiffany on assignment in Hilo Hawaii.  An L&D nurse, traveler, nature enthusiast, hiker, loves the ocean, loves the sun, and loves the son.  If you have haven’t read Ecclesiastes that means Jesus God’s son.  Besides having a lot of things in common she is amazing with the kids and they all adore her.  In Hawaii she lived on a peacock reserve for a short time and so when we told her that we were going to hang out with Tiffany today they were very excited. “You mean the peacock lady!!!” “Yay!!!” The weather was  perfect the sun was out and we were doing a hike that was along a gorgeous section of the beach.  The Ragnar relay was going on, and I think we must have just missed my cousin who ran in it as the team was just south of us waiting for their next runner at Torrey Pines High School. That as well as it being a weekend and a ton of cyclists were out it made it hard to find parking and a lot of people to contend with.  We found eachother pretty quickly and picked up where we left off in Hilo.  The kids were shy for about 30 seconds then we could hardly talk over them in their excitement.  Caleb who had been sick most of the week was dragging a bit but he did well and didn’t complain at all.  Tiffany and I have been making plans for a longer hike in the beginning of May so we were talking over plans for that as we walked, as well as other work related things.  


  The greenery was amazing.  

Hannah found a fun little ledge to sit on while we enjoyed the beach. 

 It was a fun and beautiful hike.  We enjoyed the Mexican food that followed at  Roberto’s Mexican Food!  Their carne asada tacos are the best. Thank you Tiffany for such a fun day.  

We ran into traffic on I-15 as a plane had crashed on the freeway.  We found the suggested alternate route vet scenic with a few for sale signs, that would be a fun area to live.  We visited with grandpa and Marisa for a few hours making it home in the dark, well past the kids bedtimes. 


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