Saturday Morning Walk/Old Town Temecula 

The tradition when visiting my grandparents in the past was to go to the donut shop while grandma was working next door.  She would take her break and have a donut or coffee with us then go back to work.  Even when it wasn’t tax season we would go to the donut shop at least once..more often usually.  We had not yet made a visit to the donut shop so today was the day.  Saturday is the perfect day for a morning walk to the donut shop.  We figured if we were walking we might as well bring Bart, she would like the walk and we would like the company.   

   After walking around Falbrook most of the morning we took Bart home and headed to Old Town Temecula to walk some more. We enjoyed the shops, the kids favorite things were the antique shops and the highschool ROTC group’s pet rescue.  The liked the cute puppies and holding the snakes.  


 So fun.  After walking around for a couple of hours we headed over to Uncle Richards to visit with Grandpa who had just flown in from Sacramento.  The kids did laps in the pool and we all visited for a while. Before heading back to Fallbrook.

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