1st Sick Day

I have been so thankful each week, month, assignment for health.  The whole (almost two years) time we have been traveling I have had a few upset stomaches, and half colds that lingered for a few days, but they have all completely missed my work week due to divine providence I’m sure.  This week Sunday night we had some awesome taco soup cooked all day in the crockpot.  However the beans were a little crunchy…I think I forgot how undercooked beans affect my stomache… Chad and I both were up all night.  Chad had it coming out both ends at once I felt like I was going to throw up but diarrhea was my only real consequence.   My alarm went off at 0415.  And between 0415 and 0440 when I got out of the house 10 minutes late.  I had had to stop to use the restroom 5 times.  It wasn’t looking good.  No sleep, nausea, and there’s-no-way-I-can-stop-it diarrhea.  I was sure that I wasn’t contagious though so I continued on to work.  The diarrhea did not stop though and once I was moving around at work it continued to be a problem.  At around 0800 we called the next person on call to come and take over for me.  She arived at 0845 and I quickly clocked out and drove home.  I slept most of my nausea off waking up around 1500 feeling much better.  Chad decided on a bland pancake dinner which settled pretty well.  I woke up today feeling nearly all better.  Yes I have had to go home sick for the first time since being a traveler, but it makes me still so thankful that my health is in God’s hands and that he has seen fit to hold all disease and sickness at bay.  Thank you Lord for your provision. 

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