Riding Horses With Marisa

I am loosing track of my days, I think this was the Friday before last.  We finally had a paycheck, after driving across the country and being off a week, we were so very glad about that.  We did some necessary shopping and celebrated with a little Mediterranean food at a Lebanese place reminiscent of the food from our trip to Israel this time of year in 2010.  The kids weren’t a huge fan, but with enough exposure they might develope a taste for it.       
  After lunch we drove by an Adian market and were sad to discover that they were not open.  Oh well, we headed to Uncle Richards as we had made plans to meet up there in the afternoon.  He and Grandpa were at a Dr. appointment, Marisa was home and asked if we wanted to come out to see her horses as the kids had been asking and the timing had not yet been good.   We were definately game for that.  I think I imagined it would be a quick visit, but no.  Marisa is a very excellent teacher.  She taught the kids about the horse, how to approach it, how to walk around it, about brushing and caring for the horse, as well as anatomy and physiology of the horse.  (Really there were three horses, but we spent most of our time with Moose.)  
  We each had a turn to ride with Hannah being first since she had been the first one to ask and the most anticipating this special field trip.   
   She was a little fearful of the unknown so Marisa rose with her at first and then she rode on her own.  
    The pictures are not in order, Caleb rode second and did really well.  We were not really dressed for riding as both Caleb and I were wearing flip flops.   Good thing Moose was such a chill girl. 
     Eve was the most fearful but even she took a turn being lead around solo in the saddle. 

  She loved it most holding the reins with Marisa on the horse with her.   
  I rode next, I think the pictures are down the way a bit.  I haven’t ridden a horse since I was thrown off in June of 2000 and seriously injured my right hip.  I know you are supposed to get back on the horse when you fall off, but it was about a year before I could walk after riding in a car for more than an hour and sleeping laying in that side took several years.  I don’t find that I’m all that afraid of horses but as I get older and bigger as the case may be I get more scared of permanent injury if I were to land on the ground from so high up.  It was good to be back on a horse although it made me feel ginormous 😟.  Chad made Moode look like a little horse.  I don’t think he has ridden too much but he does well.    

 The kids then took turns on another hors, that for some reason I can not remember the name of.  He is only six years old but also very chill and very good with the kids. 

  Grandpa and Uncle Richard caught up with us.  They are quite a pair with Grandpa having three stents placed in his heart the day before and Uncle Richard getting a skin cancer removed from his lip that day.  It was fun to have them join us after their appointments.   

 Thank you Marisa you are amazingly patient and a good teacher we appreciate everything! 

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