Coronado Beach

  The day started off with the kids showing me how they like to get Bart, my grandpa’s dog, to sing.  Bart is a bit camera shy so everytime I would try to record the beautiful singing she would stop.  After singing and breakfast of oatmeal we took Bart on a walk through an abandoned lot while discussing what we should do for the day.  Chad and the kids had not left the house in three days since I had the car all day and were eager to go do something.  I, on the other hand, had been gone all day for the last three days and didn’t really want to do anything.  Chad is a pretty social guy and didn’t want to go out by himself as a break from the kids he wanted us all to go.  We enjoyed the abandoned lot, discovering a grapefruit tree, tangerines, a few comquat trees as well as a few very orange looking lemons that kind of baffled us.  The kids proudly packed they’re pockets full of a variety of citrus fruit.  The lot has an old grove with many of the trees all dried up and dead due to lack of water but the few living trees are loaded.  We let Bart off leash a bit.  It really was a fun family jaunt.  





 After our walk we thought we might run to the store as there was a few things we needed to get.  We all piled into the car…shopping wasn’t really the kind of outing we wanted to do…visiting Coronado Beach was.  I had heard several seeks ago about the ship wreck remains uncovered by the recent El Niño storms on the beach of Coronado island.  We decided to take the slow scenic route through Carlsbad avoiding I-5.  It was lunchtime and we were in the process of making dinner plans with our travel nurse friends who just happened to be in San Diego today as well.  Chad parked the car and we walked up the sidewalk to descover the place he had chosen was a sushi place. The first two weeks at an assignment we have to pay everything out of savings.  There is no paycheck and generally a lot of cost involved.  Traveling across the country, setting up housing, hotels and food.  We are lucky here to be staying with family (a first for us.) but still it was a long trip across the country and with the mission trip to Honduras the week before we have had half log out normal income this last month.  Chad and I both had some cash we had saved up.  Chad bought lunch out of his cash and I bought dinner out of my cash it worked out pretty well.  Chad picked out a few kind that looked good and we all shared.  It was the perfect amount.  

 The drive was gorgeous.  We people watched and enjoyed the sun.  I just love the plants in this area too. So beautiful. We arived at the beach an hour after low tide and you could see bits of the ship remains, but with out a bathing suit it was too deep of surf to go out exploring.   

 Hannah sticking her hands through our hug to photo bomb us.

   Eve enjoyed climbing on all the rocks.  


 The kids played for 3-4 hours making ropes out of seaweed, burying eachother and climbing on the piles of rocks, sand, and cement.  

    Family picture in from of the historic Hotel Del Coronado built in 1888 and visited by many presidents, and other famous people in it’s 125 years. 
   We left the beach just befor sunset to meet up with Greg and Belinda Luther at Slater 50/50 for dinner.  Belinda will always hold a special place in my heart as I met her when she was a travel nurse working at Silverton Family Birth Center…my home hospital/unit.  She has been there the whole time to answer many of my questions and point me in the direction of people who could answer my questions.  Dinner was lovely.  It is hard to go wrong with the bacon everything me up at Slater 50/50.  It was a little too loud for visiting, but we managed.    Eve was over tired and unable to control her body.  The fun grandparents that Greg and Belinda are, Eve made quick friends and sat with them for the last little bit.  With her it is a struggle mosttimes.  Are we too strict, or too lenient?  It is hard to know.

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