Three on the Floor

My instructions were to report to work at 0545 at the House Supervisor’s office.  GPS said one hour and 10 minutes as the estimated time of my commute, but it was a road I had not yet driven.  I left the house at 0415 the drive was nice, but all in the dark.  Even with the anticipation I found myself feeling sleepy.  I found the House Supervisor easy enough and made it back to my floor in plenty of time for report.  It looks like the base staffing is two nurses at a time and a lot of the nurses do postpartum/nursery only so chances are that most of my days will be filled with labor and outpatients.  The best suprise of the day was to find out I would actually be on day shift.  I do like night shift, but I had no idea how I was going to do the commute on night shift, so this was a major answer to prayer.  My head was pounding most of the day.  Ibuprofen was not cutting it at all.  After work I stopped at Wendy’s and grabbed a frosty and fries before heading west.  I pulled into the driveway at 1959. Threw off my clothes and dove into bed.  The next two days were better, I both packed more food and carried more ibuprofen.  I’m sure my stress level was also less as well as feeling more used to the early hours.  I got in a few outpatients and one postpartum discharge, but no deliveries or baby admissions so I’m sure I will be asking a lot of questions of my buddy for weeks to come.  

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