Getting Settled and Valentine’s Day 2016

Getting settled this time has mostly consisted of spending time with family, no need to look up churches or figure out where the closest grocery stores are most of those things we were already oriented to.  The kids already had made friends with the neighbor kids last time we lived in the area.  I had a name badge being overnighted to me as well as a n Amazon order of the correct color of uniforms otherwise a few days of family and rest were in order.  Below Hannah, Marissa and I made hotchocolate with peeps marshmallows one night.  Uncle Richard, Grandpa and Marissa made carne asada tacos for dinner. After which we enjoyed the minion movie together.  
    Grandpa told the kids they could have all the lemons they want off of the lemon tree which has lead to glass after glass of lemonade followed by a lemonade stand.


   During the lemonade stand Eve decided to slip through the gate and managed to pick the skinniest spot (she fits easily through most of the gaps) and got her head stuck.  Poor thing was balling and crying out for help. This happens to be the part where the FedEx delivery girl showed up with my name badge, go figure. I tried many times to get either her head back through the opening or the rest of her body through to the outside neither of which was working at all.  I sent a picture to Chad who was thirty miles away at the store.  He promptly called me back thinking he was going to have to rush home to rescue Eve.  I was starting to think that we weren’t going to be able to get her out with out cutting the bars.  Then, Chad had the brilliant idea of wrapping a rope around the bar entrapping Eve and the bar next to it then sticking a stick in it and twisting the bar until there was enough leverage to open up the bars enough to get her out.  Getting a rope and pipe out of the garage I had Eve out in just a few minutes, it totally worked.  She was a little stunned and relieved to still have her ears after all of those attempts to free her.   

    Sunday was Valentine’s Day so after church we decided to celebrate by going to the beach in Oceanside not too far away.  There were a few dining options all expensive, we decided on Joe’s Crab Shack all five sharing two crab boil pots.  It was good, and that made it within our budget.
   The building above is Joe’s Crab Shack it had a lovely view.  
  After lunch we played at the beach for a short time.  I was being cautious about the time as I wanted quiet time to mentally prepare for this first week of work.  

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