Feels Good To Be Back In California

  Thursday 2/11/16 we crossed the boarder into California stopping shortly at Joshua Tree National Park to stretch our legs.  We would have liked to look around more (and we will go back), but the kids were chomping at the bit to see Grandpa and didn’t want us to stop for any reason.  We would be passing my new hospital so we got off the freeway and took that detour.  Finding the maternity ward entry and checking out the view from there…awesome.  
 San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital. It took some practice to say it right and luckily I did get it down before my first day at work.  Grandpa texted that he was at Uncle Richards house so we adjusted our destination on GPS and updated him with our estimated time of arrival.  He let us know that he was standing out in the street awaiting our coming. Seriously, you’ve gotta love this guy.  We were over ten minutes out and who knows how long he had been out there.  Way to make us feel loved.  Sure enough when we arived he was out front standing in the street leaning on his car watching down the road.  I am such a lucky girl to have him as my grandfather, so so blessed.  It was about 1:00pm out car was thrashed from a weeks worth of driving and let’s face it…we practically live in our car.  The kids needed to get some energy out so with in the hour they had found their swimming suites and despite the not so warm temperatures in the pool (the temperature outside was fabulous but the pool temp was probably in the low 70’s) the kids were in swimming and playing with the dogs.  We visited and watched them play.  Sending a picture to Uncle Richard to encourage him to come home to us sooner.  


 We went for a short walk after the kids got out of the pool.  The kids ran ahead of us.  Uncle Richard had a meeting and would be in later, so we talked about heading to Grandpa’s house and unloading the car.  Grandpa who had committed to staying and having dinner with Richard was sad that we would leave, hopeful that we would stay with him to wait so we abliged him in that request.  Really I was only thinking about leaving because I though the kids still restlessness was possibly bothering him, but obviously it was not.  We made pizza dinner plans and had our order already filled out to submit online the minute we got the text that Uncle Richard was headed home from work (45 minutes- one hour away).  We submitted it and the pizza beat him to the house by maybe five minutes probably less.  Marissa joined us for dinner and we visited.  It was getting late Eve fell asleep in my arms.  We decided there was no way the car would get unloaded today.  Getting into Grandpa’s house around 10:00pm after getting up at 05:40 and such a long journey.  We were tired and all just found beds and crashed. 


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