Saguaro National Park and Heidi’s Birthday

I love Saguaro cacti!  They are so unique and so ginormous. Besides that they make me feel like I’m finally in Arizona.


 After the park we enjoyed miles of awesome old retired military planes. Even one Guppy!  

   I wish I could just go walk around in their and check out all the planes. 
We scored a sweet deal on lemonade and needed up going back and getting more.  I think we bought 9 of them.  

 We got into Phoenix at rush hour of course because that is how we roll.  But, still we made pretty good time.  It is my cousin Heidi Marie’s birthday, we were excited to see them and celebrate together.  We loved dinner at Applebees and just happened to be there on their kids $.99 day. Yay.  She isn’t a fan of people singing to her so we didn’t do the restaurant singing and bringing cake thing and we were pretty much all too full for dessert.  We stood outside and talked while the kids played.   




 After dinner we put the kids to bed.  Hannah got to sleep with Crystal as long as they both didn’t make a peep since it was a school night and it was kind of late.  Eve was crushed to not get to have a sleep over with the girls but she generally lasts about .2 seconds before she just can’t help but to talk, so she had to sleep in the room with us.  It appears to take so much more work for her to control her body and actions than the older two ever.  When the kids were asleep we visited down stairs.  Heidi pulled out a box and handed a photo album to me.  I immediately recognized that the photos were from our Erope trip in August of 2000.  I was a sophomore in college (we are only 7 months apart in age) at the time and already planning to marry Chad so I was surprised at how young we looked.      


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