Huston Museum of Natural Science

Be warned, there will be way too many pictures in this post… 

Eve loved helping Alfredo play his game, he was very good with the kids.    I had to send a picture of breakfast to my mother to brag about my delicious home cooked meal…maybe that wasn’t very nice of me…..I just noticed our Gizelle photo bomber…ha ha I love it.
 One of Irma and Gizelle’s favorite things to do is go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Today they had taken the day off of work and we were blessed to get to join them.  

We checked out the bug/butterfly exhibit first.  

 This clock is made for a home owner in the Houston area and is on exhibit at the museum until construction of their house is completed. The bug sings and random intervals.  

    Cockroaches…our friends from Hawaii!

   There were pineapples growing in the exhibit.  

 There was an emplyee there who showed us butterflies laying eggs and there was one larvae.  The yellow dots are the eggs.  On the second picture down you can see a cocoon.  


 The first exhibit of the main museum was on alternative energy sources. We got to take a pretend elevator to the bottom of an oil well (that is a very Texas thing to do). 


       There was a large dinousour exhibit that was fun.                             They might be related…

     There was a large crystal and gem collection as well as a shell collection exhibit.          The part of the museum on Texas, it’s native plants and animals as well as the biomes present here. The animals calls were recorded and would go off as you passed them as well as some of them moved.  Eve was not a big fan of that.       We spent so much time on the main floor that we almost had to rush through the second floor and basement and we didn’t make it to the third floor at all.  I don’t regret it though.  It was fun to just take our time especially with the butterflies.             The backpacks above from the gift shop were awesome.  Gizelle picked a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner…the pho was awesome and the Vietnamese coffee is also a do again.  Good pick Gizelle!          After dinner the kids had a movie date in Gizelle’s apartment watching Sleeping Beauty.  They stayed awake through the whole movie and we all rooted Prince Philip on.  I do not remember his sword and shield standing for that of the biblical armor of God.  We said our goodbyes to everyone except Irma as we planned on being up and leaving just before Irma left for work in the morning. 

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