Few Texas is a BIG State

Ok, I know Alaska is bigger but having driven from one corner to the next today I can tell you it is a long ways across the state of Texas.  

This morning we were up and on our way early.  Ok we weren’t really on our way.  I was so blessed to have coffee with a fellow nurse that I went to school with at NNU.  We were a small class and practically lived together the last two years of college (nursing is a pretty intense program, you get to know your classmates well).  With similar interests in labor and delivery as well as midwifery It was good to meet up for coffee this morning in Houston before getting on the road.  After our coffee date we got on the freeway and turned our noses west.  We had friends who we were visiting in El Paso and we didn’t want to get into town too late. The scenery gradually changed throughout the day.  I was waiting for the ugly, boring desert, but it never came.  I loved seeing the trees slow to a stop, the Yucca start up.  The prickly pear a pleantiful as well as the change in altitude and topography.  The flat forever/slow rise in altitude gave way to buttes and plateaus.  It all made me miss Monument valley.  I love that place. San Antonio was nice, it appeared nice at least.  We would have loved to check out the Alamo and look around some, but if we have learned anything on this trip it is that the people we visit are way more important than the places we see.  The kids did well and we made good time, Texas was amazing and yes I thought it all was beautiful.  We are getting so much closer to California.

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