Shreveport to Huston

This leg of our trip was shorter as we had reserved some time this morning for church.  We have some aquantences who live in Shreveport (they were out of town today) but recommended a church that was only two miles from our hotel.  We thought about walking to church since we were ready way early for the early service and ended up going back to our room for a half hour and I think that I might have even fallen back asleep.  When we arived I was quite glad that we had not.  In our travel clothes we were underdressed as it was, I think I would have felt fairly embarrassed to have walked in too 😬.  Everyone was very nice.  The people at the welcome desk directed us to the kids department where they were also very helpful and non judgmental about our being underdressed (all the churches we have attended have been so casual I didn’t even foresee this).  The kids loved their Sundayschool classes.  We enjoyed the service as well, we haven’t been to a Pentecostal survice since Hawaii.  I am pretty solid on the Old Testament since whenever I sit down to read through the bible I generally make it through the Old Testament or at least the first 5 books then peter out.  This time I’m in Mark and so I am close to the sections addressing the Holy Spirit.  I have to be honest, I don’t know what I believe there.  After church the person behind us had noticed that we were new and talked to us for quite a while asking us about our selves and eventually asking if she can be praying for us, to which we agreed.  We gathered our troops, used the bathroom and got on the road.  We were very shortly into west Texas.   

 I know we will get to the dessert portion of Texas as we cross the state later on but the drive from Shreveport to Huston was green, forest and cleared farms.  So beautiful.  We were texting with our friends in Huston and making plans for game food.  Making a quick stop at a grocery store before getting to their house for bacon, jalapeños and cream cheese for bacon wrapped jalapeños.  We found Irma and Alfedo’s house and they met us at the door.  It had only been two months since I have seen Aunt Irma, but I have not seen Alfredo since I was about two years old and do not remember him.  Fred (Alfredo JR.) was there to welcome us as well we haven’t seen him since Eve was born.  Litteraly, he was visiting my parents when she was born and was over to our house with in a few hours hanging out with us for the next few days.   

 We started working on the pepper poppers and before we knew it Gizelle was back from the store with drinks and we got to love on her as well.  Texas is so far from Oregon, we are greatful for a chance to visit them on their turf this time as we drive across the country. Even better, we have an extra day to spend with them.   As we waited for the game to start the kids put up their hammocks in the front yard and had Gizelle try them out.  

 Then we stacked them two high.  

 Once the game started we each picked a color to root for, I think we all knew Denver would win, but really we just wanted a good game.  It seemed like the number of turnovers was crazy high, but the company was good.   

 Fred put in Kung fu Panda for the kids as they go bored of the game in the middle.  Way to go Manning on your 200th career win. 

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