Shiloh and Graceland

Leaving Nashville yesterday morning we tuned the I heart radio app to the Grand Ole’ Opry channel as a way of enjoying our location and scenery better.  We hadn’t decided if we were going to visit Shiloh National Battlefield or not since it was an hour out of our way and it was a longer day of driving that we had planned.  When we got to the sign we decided to go ahead and go for it.  It had been recommended by a co-homeschooler who was from Tennessee and we wanted to make at least one stop in Tennessee that would pay tribute to it’s history and uniqueness.  Shiloh is a pretty big park and the GPS instead of taking us to the visitors center directed is to the middle of the park.  Their had been no signs for the visitor’s center so we followed the GPS until we discovered that we were following the driving tour and with no pamphlet of information to explain each station.  We changed the GPS and set it for the visitor’s center to which was at this point six miles away.  Hannah and Eve decided to do the JR ranger program so we spent about an hour helping them complete their workbooks in the museum as then bought patches at the library.   

We had to get going our ETA for our motel for the night was already 9:00pm. The roads from Shiloh to Memphis were scenic and we dipped down south a bit enjoying the northern most part of Mississippi jumping back up to Tennessee at Memphis.  Graceland was only about a mile out of our way.  I had been there before as a highschooler, it seemed a lot different.  Much less green, but I’m sure that is due to it being winter.  The house seemed a lot smaller and further away.  We didn’t go inside the gates we just passed on the road.  We are too young to be huge Elvis fans, but it is still cool to see.  

   The one thing that was the same is the amazing rock wall with probably millions of signatures all over it of fans who had made pilgrimages here and signed the wall. You can’t see that detail in the picture, you can barely see it driving by, you can really see it well if you take a stroll down the sidewalk right in front.  Arkansas was next, the landscape was fairly green and beautiful, Little Rock seemed to go on forever, and we were sad we couldn’t stop at Hot Springs National Park.  Stopping finally at our hotel in Shreveport Luisiana.  I had to look up the population because the amount of lights was pretty impressive.  200,000 people, I don’t expect it to have more than 50,000.  We checked in, found our room and were out, for it had been a long day. 

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