Charlottesville to Nashville

Work was good Thursday night, I had a quick and beautiful delivery and my second labor was so sweet too.  Everyone was in a good mood and we had a beautiful spread of food for our party.  Everyone has been telling me to stay or comeback, with only planning to go two more assignments then back home I have no response to that.  I wish I could say I will. I have loved working here.  We have loved every place we have been so far.  

At the end of the shift I changed and said goodbye to day shift, got my time card signed and had to turn in my badge (this is the first place that won’t be represented in my little name badge collection oh well I understand it could be a security concern).  I climbed in the car and rolled towards home…over Afton Mt. and past the Shenandoah Valley.   One thing I won’t miss is the truckers.  They all drive nearly 80 mph and like they are driving little sports cars.  They put on their turn signal and start coming over whether there are cars next to them or not.  I have been pushed off the road several times by them and have been so thankful for the wide shoulders.  Although when I am next to one and there is no shoulder or we are on a bridge it stresses me out.  I have never seen such aggressive truck drivers.  I made my road exchanges as is habit and muscle memory by now.  I don’t even think about it and then I am pulling into our apartment complex.  Chad and the kids started carrying their stuff out before I was even out of the car (I was scanning and sending my time card).  I asked if I should just get back in the passenger side or if there was more to get inside.  There was a little more to get so I headed inside and used the restroom.  We didn’t have room for the kids sleepingbags that we have been usuing for bedding (not the backpacking ones) so they and the laundry soap, as well as the broom and dustpan ended up going into the dumpster.  We set them in towards the top in hopes that someone would rescue them because they really weren’t trash at all we just didn’t have time or space to run by goodwill.  The office didn’t open until 10:00am on Fridays so we stuck the keys in an envelope into the payment drop box and headed out of town.  Chad woke me up to take a picture of the welcome to Tennessee sign, but other than that I missed most of the scenery from Charlottesville to Nashville.   


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