Ultima Dia en Virginia

We had so wanted to go to Mitchie’s Tavern (a historical resaurant connected with Monetchello) for lunch.  But they are only open 11:30-3:00.  After only getting three hours of sleep the day before we decided we just couldn’t swing getting up at 1:00pm and only getting 4 hours of sleep today.  I skipped breakfast this morning, took two melatonin and dove into bed, well the sleepingbag on the ground in our room that is.  I know I’m only mid thirties, but when I have to sleep on the ground I feel my thirty years.  I rolled around a bit trying to get comfortable and slept pretty fitfully for the first three hours or so then finally fell really asleep to get an additional four hours of solid sleep.  Chad woke me up around 4:00pm so I could hop in the shower and we could go out to eat for dinner since everything except our sleeping bags and a change of clothes for the morning was already packed in the car.  The kids had been wanting to take me to Jason’s Deli so that is where we headed.  The pastrami/corned beef sandwich was amazing.  And they had gluten free bread so I wasn’t eating the meat alone.  Caleb and Hannah chose a salad bar and were thoroughly enjoying that, Eve had pizza, and Chad had the salad bar and half a sandwich.  The food was very good.  Chad ran over to Staples next door and picked up some thank you cards for me and I took off to work leaving my crew at the restaurant to walk home (which is just a little more than across the road).  With my heart radio cranked up and a bag of party drinks for this last shift I pray that the night is chill enough that I can enjoy these last few hours at Augusta Healrh with the amazing coworkers I have been blessed with here.  I can feel my savior carrying me along reassuring me that he’s got this.  It’s all in good hands. 

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