The Creation Museum

 As we drove from our hotel to the museum I couldn’t help but feel like we were nearing the end of a several year pilgrimage.  Wanting to visit the creation museum after taking little Caleb and baby Hannah to listen to Ken Ham speak in Beaverton.  Man’s attempt to explain the existence of our world and universe with out a divine being had made for some interesting theorys but with creating so many more questions than answers.  Just because you can make it sound good doesn’t make it true.  Now we have visited a lot of museums and national parks and of course they are all required to take the millions of years theory as their stance.  It was refreshing to visit a museum that is consistent with the biblical account of creation.   The main two hour exhibit takes about two hours to walk through.  It took us longer and we may go back through it today.  There is so much reading that I found myself not taking many pictures.   
  Evolutionary vs. Creation family tree.   

  The Garden of Eden  
  Adam naming the animals  
  The tree of life  
  Can you see the serpent above Adam and Eve in the tree?    
  Adam working in the garden below with Cain and pregnant Eve coming down the steps of their abode.  To the far right behind the bushes grownup Cain kills grownup Able.  
  At about 12 school busses long and 10 school busses wide what an amazing project.  Below people who mocked Noah for building his big boat on high ground are realizing the consequences of rejecting God’s warning.   
  A video about the Tower of Babel   
  The Insectorium (I know I took too many pictures here but insects are amazing). I loved watching Caleb pour over the cool bugs too.    















The Dino den.  

  Stegosaurus selfie   
   After the Dino den we headed outside to the petting zoo.  
  The boys got into a snow ball fight on the way back.  
   We finished the day with a few multimedia shows that were awesome. Sorry for the picture overload. 

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