Day Two: another run through of the museum and another guest presentation.

Our girl lost her second front tooth last night and is sporting a new look today.   
   Yesterday before we left the Creation Museum Eve started talking to a young lady who worked there.  She asked if she liked the Insectorium and she had.  Eve informed her we were coming back tomorrow (now today) and asked if the young lady named Jessica was going to be back tomorrow.  She said she was, she had to because she was supposed to bring donuts (I’m guessing maybe for all of the school groups that were going to be there).  Eve exclaimed that she loved donuts and that her favorite kind were the powdered ones.  After a while we encouraged her out the door as it was closing time.  Well this morning we found Jessica again, she had brought donuts in for sure and a special package of powdered ones just for Eve.  She told her she had a five year old daughter too and when she went to get the donuts her little one also had picked out a package of powdered donuts for herself.  No wonder she and Eve hit it off so well.  She has her own energetic little five year old at home.  We went down stairs and sat in the booths at the pizza kitchen which is closed for the off season, ate donuts and looked over the speaker schedule for the day.  Deciding on a plan to go through the main exhibit one more time then catch the guest speaker for the day before stopping at the bookstore and heading on to Indiana.  Sorry if there are pictures that are the same.  I took more pictures of posters this time through.   






                             The presentation by the guest speaker of the day was different than the one yesterday on global warming so we were bummed to have missed that talk but the speak today was very good and went into more detail about fossil records and dinousour bones with soft tissue found in them.  He answered a lot of most asked questions and was available afterwards to answer more questions.  We talked to him briefly about one of the books he had described in his presentation and then headed to the book store to get a few things before heading out.  It was only two and a half hours drive from the museum to Muncie Indiana where we are excited to get to spend a little more time with our family there before this assignment is over.  We tried White Castle sliders for a late lunch.  Chad was the only one of us (I couldn’t try them) that liked them.  We can say we have tried it now, but we probably won’t try it again.   We arived in Muncie around 4:30pm.  We adults visited and the kids played pretty continuously until 11:00pm.  I had left my phone on the kitchen table to later descover that in the time that it was unattended by me some cute little girls had found it and made good use of the camera.     

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