We are getting short on furniture

One of the things that people are most curious about us is often in regards to our housing, furniture and stuff in general.  I guess I understand that because in general as Americans we really do like stuff don’t we?  Most of the time I feel like we are being at least mostly successful at giving our kids a more rounded world view and experiential education in relation to history, science, U.S. Geography and culture/sociology.  But this week where the kids have been running a little high on energy and just being kids has caused our not-really-meant-to-last couch (it may have been two weeks ago we lost the couch, it’s valour surface made it difficult to attempt to patch) and living room chair (already patched once) to pop from their rough housing. (Really how long do you think this blow up furniture was meant to last?) also the kids have managed to pop Eve’s air mattress and break a ballast in Hannah’s (we have had those air mattresses for about a year).  All the furniture that leaves us with is our double high queen bed that we have had for a year and a half, a card table and a cooler to sit on.  Now the floor is comfortable and we could buy some more furniture, but we have three weeks left and we don’t spend much time in our apartment so it doesn’t really even make sence to do that.  Though it is days like this that I wonder if we are just crazy or are we still doing what is best for our kiddos.   

My hope is that out of this they will learn how few things we actually need to survive vs. how many things we surround our selves with.   Although…  A real couch and chairs at the dining room table are a few of the normal household items that I may never take for granted again. 

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