Star Wars: The Force Awakens

After a sleep over, the girls with us and they boys with Pam and Kelby, the main thing on the agenda today was the Star Wars movie in the theater 3D.   

 The boys, Pam and Kelby sat in the row in front of us and the girls behind.  Before the movie was over Hannah and Erin shared a seat and Eve was in my lap.  I think the popcorn was gone before the previews were over.  After the movie was over, we braved the craft store and then went back to the farm to have ham and turkey sandwiches and made some brownies.  There was some light flecks of snow but otherwise just cold and sunny.  The kids played out side quite a bit until they couldn’t feel their toes then they came back in.  I worked on the felt Christmas ornaments that I make for the kids each year.  I think the kids must have been over tired from their sleep overs as they argued a bit more than the previous days so we made sure all the kids made it to bed by their bed times today.  

  Beaker was so cute watching the kids play.  

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