Sunday morning and all is well. We followed Bonnie and Lester (Kelby’s parents) to church.  Being the Sunday before Christmas we loved singing the Christmas hymns Eve is amazingly loud and loves to sing.  The problem is she doesn’t know the words to any songs except “Let it Go” she sings all of the time and 99%of the time it is a completely made up first time rendition.  Being quiet through church is also a skill in progress.  I only had to take her out twice for talking in service.  It was cold enough outside that we would go out and I would say I could take her in when she was ready to be quiet and let the pastor do the talking.  The cold weather did all the motivating.  The second time we walked back in to service quietly hoping not to make a scene like we had when I carried her out screaming.  Just then Eve let out a giant belch.  People stifled their laughter and I ducked back in my seat red faced.  After church we enjoyed family dinner at Kelby’s parents house.  The kids were good and the conversation circled to all kinds of topics.  After dinner we helped clean up then headed back out to Old Haven Farm.  We played hand and foot.  The boys spent hours outside in the below freezing weather.  I loved seeing them stay out and get all that fresh air.  I finished our felt Christmas ornaments for this year.  


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