How Long Until They Are Home

Chad headed to a men’s prayer breakfast with Kelby first thing this morning.  The kids and I managed to find our way back to Olde Haven Farm with out GPS since I had accidently left my phone there the day before.  The kids played as they waited not quite so patiently for the kids to get home from school.  They were watching the clock like a hawk.  After school they helped a bit with the chores and played out side before it was just too dark for that.  Chad and I made lasagna for dinner which was a hit.  The boys wanted to watch the most recent Star Wars movie to get prepared for watching the new release tomorrow so they stayed up late and had a sleep over.  Eryn came with us back to her grandma’s house where the girls were able to stay up until 9:00pm playing dress up.  It is so fun to watch them play together.  We have the perfect combination of kids with all the older ones being boys and the younger ones being girls all close to the same age.   

  The girls painting in the shop.   
  Chad and Kelby on the tractor.  
  Loving on the goats.  
  We fed the pigs three 5 gallon buckets full of apples.  They loved them.    
  Chad and Kelby fell a tree that was dead and starting to rot.  Caleb took the opportunity to play with the axe he chopped all the way through.  The wood was really soft in some places because of the rot.   
  Apple gathering to feed the pigs.  
  These boots Pam let me borrow were so adorable I could hardly handle it.  I think I would love some like this.   

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