Made it Back to Maine

We stayed only a few hours from our final destination, not because that wS the plan but because there were no motels. Those things are few and far between around here.  This area is just way less population dense than I ever thought.  There are a lot of small towns but very few large enough for a hotel.  We didn’t know what weather we would run into so we stopped and bought some of the bare necessities for cold weather.  I was in need of s few long sleeve shirts.  I got a pack of three sets of gloves for the kids and a few $.97 hats and a yard of fleece that we could cut for scarves for a pretty good price at Walmart. As well as a few light weight pullovers for Chad and an extra pack of underwear for Eve.  A few poinsettias for hostess gifts as well as lunch.  We arived in Chelsea Maine around 2:00pm it was rainy, no snow and mud was everywhere.  The kids soon came home from school.  The kids had their holiday school program so they got dressed and ready for that and we all piled in and headed to the school.  I left my phone at the house so we have no pictures put the kids did well and it was fun to watch them sing their songs.  After the program we all went out to Denny’s for a late dinner. 

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