Two More Shifts Under my Belt

I worked Monday and Tuesday night.  One night I was a preceptor of a newer grad who is really solid on her skills already, and the second night triage.  They were both surprisingly slow and I found myself thanking Jesus under my breath for the much needed rest.  I was fighting a cold and despite airborn I was getting more and more congested and drippy.  I did have a few triage patients but mostly spent the night restocking each room, going through every drawer, cabinet, monitor, and warmer in each un occupied room.  It was actually quite therapeutic.  Every new half hour would roll around and I would whisper again under my breath. It may not stay like this all night but I still thank you Jesus for the rest you have given me today. After all the rooms were restocked I was asked to restock bassinets which was good for me.  All of this restocking teaches me where to find things and what things are normally stocked in the cupboards, the drawers, the bassinets, and where to find them if they are not.  I continued to thank my maker.  I do not ever expect it to be that slow again, but I sure do appreciate the gift.  I am greatful for all the hard moments in my life I know they make me grow and make me stronger.  It is so wonderful though when I find my rest in him.  (Believe me I find my rest in him in the busy times too, this time it was a physical rest and a spiritual rest…Oh God You are my God and I will forever praise You.)  

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