A Day to Rest

We tried to make it to church with out the GPS and were mostly successful.  A wrong turn towards the end put us a few minutes late, but Chad thinks he has it all figured out now so we shouldn’t need it next week.   We are studying Romans in Sunday school and we are loving it.  After church we found an Awesome pizza place, the best pizza we have had in over a year I’m sure.  The waitress was amazing Eve had asked Chad for some of his artichokes and she heard her the next thing we know she had brought a little plate with artichoke hearts on it just for the girls.  Then later the girls kids entree came with ice cream and she brought Caleb some as well.  After lunch we went back to the house and watched Man vs. Food and just all hung out in the living room together.  We practiced tin Whistles playing Christmas music.  Eve tooted hers as loud as she possibly could on the back deck.  Hannah wrote a book of Jesus’ life mostly with pictures.  Caleb read.  These kiddos are amazing and I’m so lucky to get to be their mama. Bed time came too quickly…

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