Indiana Here We Come 

After work we packed up the car and drove to Indiana to be with my cousin and his family for Thanksgiving. We had the GPS set to avoid tolls so we saw some amazing side road adventures in West Virginia that we would have been sad to miss. It was another very beautiful state. I always imagined these east coast states to be way more densely populated. They are surprisingly not.  We stopped in Charleston West Virginia for lunch.  Again we drove by the capitol on the freeway.  It looks like a pretty old building.  We would have loved to stop and check it out but as it was we weren’t going to make it to our destination before dark.  

 I took a few naps, it just isn’t as restful sleeping in the car.  Also Caleb is getting so big I hate to cramp his style too much by reclining my chair to what would be the most comfortable for me.  The kids were listening to an audio book that we have been working on for quite some time now and actually finished it.  We switched it over to “Pilgrims Progress” which is one of my favorites.  I did however fall asleep after a few hours and woke up to Christmas music.  It was the CD the church had given the kids to practice the songs they will be singing for the Christmas program this year.  They have been in several programs as we travel.  They were in the Christmas program last year in Victorville and then jumped right in to the Easter program in Curtistown.  It seems we came to Charlottesville at just the right time for them to participate in the Christmas program this year here.  The four songs played again and again as we sang to them.  We lost interest in that and focused on on the ETA noted on the GPS as the sun started to set.  Less than half an hour.  We are so close.  The sun set was beautiful!  

 I wished that I had taken a picture of the beautiful full moon, but as we came closer to their house we found ourselves surrounded by trees and no good shot.  Besides that then we were there and preoccupied with enjoying the company of family, I forgot to go back out and try to get a picture.   We made it.   We may not have had all of our sanity intact though.  Actually family and friends just have this affect on me.  


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