Thanksgiving 2015

I slept in a little, I often push myself too far with too little sleep. I had turned in early around 11:15pm compared to the rest of the adult crowd.  The kids had gone to bed not too far before me, but with being awake all night and most of the day plus fighting a cold it would have been wise to turn in much earlier.  Needless to say my tail was dragging a bit.  Some tea, toast with apple butter and pineapple went a long way to perk me up.  The kids were already immersed in games and were working full time to take advantage of every moment with their cousins and new friends.  Michael and Kristen have friends here from Michigan who have a 13 year old son and an 11 year old daughter.  So with a boy Caleb’s age (close enough to count at least) and then with Michael and Kristen having three girls ages 13 to 10 Hannah being 8 can run with that group pretty well.  Then six year old Josiah and Eve hit it off and have been pretty inseparable since the moment we walked in the door.  Really though they all have played so well together.  There has been so much laughter and running circles around the house. Some kind of hide and go seek zombie game kept them entertained for hours.  That and mine craft, they also played their own game of settlers.  

 They were running almost all day.  I hid out for a little while in the morning to call friends and family and wish them a happy Thanksgivng.  When I emerged I helped where I could with dinner preparations resting a bit in the down times enjoying the running conversations.   

 We snacked all day and had our turkey dinner in the evening.  Everything was so good.   

 Kristen made me a little raspberry creme pie that was amazing. The filing tasted a lot like tapioca pudding with a texture more like haupia.  And Michael’s mom, Catherine, whom we met last time we were here made gluten free rolls which can be quite challenging. 

 I hate to be the one who needs special accommodations for meals.  After six years it still bothers me to be an inconvenience to others who have invited us to join them to dine.  But on the flip side of that.  It does make me feel so loved when people go out of their way to accommodate my restricted diet in a way that I get to eat a meal that is as similar as possible to theirs.  After dinner we talked, and I crocheted.  When the games started up I stole away into the family room to return a call from Suzanne.  Gotta love face timing with my adorable niece and newphew.  

  The kids and Josiah checked in too as they ran by playing more of their zombie game.  After we said good bye I returned to the settlers game to watch, converse, and enjoy some more crocheting.  We crashed much earlier than last night.  Probably a good thing. This girl was needing some sleep.  


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