Pajama Day, More Games, and Goodbyes

The day after Thanksgivng is such an amazing time out.  It does seem kind of strange to have a holiday that is on Thursday every year, why not Friday? My theory is that the brains behind the standardizing of this holiday celebration was giving a gift to us. A quiet friday, surrounded by the friends and family who had gathered with us to celebrate thanks for the many blessings we have been given this year, refrigerators full of the best leftovers anyone could dream up and nothing better to be doing than to just be together.  The big meal has already been cooked no reason to stress or slave over meal planning or get dressed for that matter.  Everyone saw you yesterday so first impressions aren’t at stake.  We didn’t really sleep in, but we stayed in our pajamas.  Bacon and steel cut oat meal was for breakfast with a side of pie.  The kids played Legos and wipe out on the XBox the grownups played settlers and I crocheted and watched.  

 We had a late lunch, where Chad and I made bacon wrapped Jalapeño poppers and Roger and Tanya made stuffed mushrooms with a kick of cayenne it was fun to contribute in this way.  These two appetizers with sandwiches, sliders really, made from left over rolls and turkey as well as the other left overs was the perfect day after Thanksgiving lunch.  We finally showered and dressed.  Then packed up all of our things and loaded the car.  I think another game or two of settlers was played then the guys turned their attention to the heater in the bathroom and we ladies finished the dishes from lunch and put away the left overs.  We gave the kids a 25 min. warning.  It was going to be a bit of a challenge pulling them away from all the fun they were having.  Eve voiced her frustration and announced that she was not leaving until she had been there 5 days.  We said our goodbyes and headed out around 4:30pm.  It was not fun saying goodbye.  I am so thankful for the family we have been blessed to be related to.  As we look to be done traveling in less than a year we know that the miles between Muncie Indiana and Salem Oregon are great and the opportunities to spend time together will be few and far between.  It makes me both sad and so greatful that we have been given the time that we have had to spend getting to know this so distant Sherman family. We will have to be purposeful in making plans to get together in the future.  Eve has decided after this weekend that she is most surely going to marry Josiah and is upset to have discovered that infact their are laws about that.  You can’t marry your second cousin.  This text after we left has meant a lot to me.  

  “Blast was had by all…thank you so much for coming…with your visit last year and this it is clear I have missed much in not being in contact see y’all soon, Michael” 
This country of the United States of America is so big and beautiful.  I love that about it, but being so spread out from friends, and family.  That part is not so fun. 

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