Head Out on the Highway, Looking For Adventure

A year and a half ago it took us a whole week to drive from Salem, Oregon to Farmington, New Mexico.  The kids were definitely not used to the travel and I can’t say we grown ups we good travelers either.  It amazes me that if we had not had our car troubles yesterday we would have made it to Texas at least maybe even Oklahoma in just two days.  The kids look forward to our long days in the car just like most people look forward to a day to just lounge at home on occasion.  This morning we headed out of Phoenix at 0400 when Matt headed to work.  We tried to say our goodbyes to the kids before bed since they were not up at 0400.  Chad said he was feeling pretty rested after our whole 7 hours of sleep so he took first shift.  The kids and I were out and didn’t wake up until we were about 30 min. outside of Gallup NM.   

 We were not able to detour through Shiprock or Farmington although God knows I really wanted to.  I wanted to stop in at the hospital, but especially wanted to meet up with my Valerie BlueEyes…she was so sweet to message me and say she was waving from a distance.  I don’t anticipate being able to come back through New Mexico for a long time so Val, you had better send me a graduation invitation.  If at all possible I want to crash your party.  I’m so proud of you for going back to school. We got into Albuquerque just about lunch time which made it perfect timing since we were planing to meet a fellow travel nurse family for lunch near San Felipe Pueblo for lunch.  No cell service made that exciting, but we did find each other.  They said our fully loaded car with Oregon plates was a dead giveaway.  We have met a lot of travelers, but we very rarely meet a family doing what we are doing which made meeting David and Alexandra extra fun! The food was pretty good as well.  

   Chad drove again when we got back on the road.  Infact he drove all day even though I often offered to drive.  He must have been feeling more rested.  We finally made it to Texas  
 The sunset was awefully beautiful although hard to watch through the mirrors.  I was glad we weren’t driving into it. 

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