No Alternator in Flagstaff

We got another so early it’s dark start this morning at 0100 I didn’t sleep too well for our three hour nap so Chad took the first shift.  We had only to drive up the hill before we were ready for our first stop.  I couldn’t drive through Victorville and not stop in at Desert Valley.  It was 0200 and I guess that they had just finished a preterm SROM transport so when I rang the doorbell and they asked me how they could help me, my response of, “my water broke.” was perfect. I guess they all went scrambling even though they knew I was coming.  It made for some good laughs.  It was good to visit with them even if we only had 20 minutes.  It felt like I was home on the unit and with the people I spent three months of my time with.    

 We then filled with gas and headed east.  Getting into Flagstaff at 0900.  Our battery light hat been flickering on and off a couple times yesterday, and frequently between Victorville and Kingman we knew our alternator was most likely the culprit as the battery was fairly new.  After Kingman it was staying on solidly, but there was no towns big enough for an auto repair shop except for maybe Williams.  By the time we limped into Flagstaff the gauges were going haywire and we had unplugged anything that uses electricity.  Chad used his multimeter and it looked most definitely like it was the alternator.   

 As Chad started taking it out of the car a guy came up and asked if we needed any help, he said, “I just feel like God was telling me I needed to stop and help you guys.”  It looked like the guys had it under control so the kids and I walked down the street a few blocks to Barnes and Nobles for the bathroom and something to do while we waited.  It wasn’t too long before we were getting texts saying that none of the auto parts stores in Flagstaff have the alternator that we need the part is being shipped and would be in in the morning.  No! The day just started that deffinately would not do.  I called around to a few salvage yards discovering of the ones listed for Flagstaff all went to the same office in Prescott who did have one that they would give us a 9 month warranty on but it also would need to be shipped and could not be in until the next day.  I guess it is a forced rest period.  We were holding our breath that we would make it the half block to the hotel.  As we started the car up and pulled out we noticed that the light was no longer on.  We pulled off at the gas station across from the hotel and used the multimeter again…no way! It was working fine.  Well, what should we do now.  All morning I had recieved text messages…even before we knew this was going to be more than just a pit stop saying, 

 “Hi we hope things are going well i like to thinkhen i am forsed to stop god has someone who needs to see me or hear me you are his witness al the time.”

” ‘No worries. God has it covered,’ bumper sticker.”

As well as a few calls from people who said they felt lead to pray especially for our car today. 

We decided wile it’s working now, we have AAA lets just see if we can make it to Phoenix.  They will for sure have the part and then we can bug Matt and Heidi (my cousin and her husband that, as you can imagine we don’t get to see very often) it just so happens to be Matt’s one day off and he offered his driveway and tools if we would like to use them.  Caleb set out to help Chad with his man project, Matt needed to go pick up Crystal from school so he got Savanna up from her nap she was playing with Eve Elsa and Anna of course.  So she stayed with us while Matt ran a few errands and took Crystal to dance.  Hannah and I watched “How it’s made” and tried to stay awake as you can imagine we were tired.  

   When Matt came back Hannah asked a question about dance and he offered to take us to the studio so we could watch her practice for her solo performance for Saturday’s competition.  She is a very good dancer it was fun to watch.   
  The girls were taking it all in.  I foresee them trying a few of these moves in the next day or two.  

After dance we picked up the boys from the house and Heidi from work and headed out to get some dinner.  It was so delicious.  

 These two generally hit it off together, but you never know when and if that will change.  Well it hasn’t yet.  They are so silly when they get together.  

Earlier in the day Matt had offered a bedroom for us to stay the night.  We didn’t know if we would want to try to get back on the road, but with 6:30pm feeling like midnight and the cumulative sleep we have gotten so far on this road trip we decided to take them up on their offer.  Besides that we were getting ready to cross the Navajo reservation and we know because we have been across it several times that if we changed our minds later there is no where to stop and you can’t just pull off and take a nap.  Our arrangements were quite comfortable (Thank you Crystal for letting us have your room for a night) the kids curled up in their sleeping bags on the floor I showered and hopped into bed next to Chad at about 9:00pm and we were out.  

Thank you Matt and Heidi we have enjoyed visiting you. Car problems are no fun, but I’ve never had it feel like a blessing before.  Love you guys.


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