South Before East

Day light Savings time is a tricky time to set your alarm for 0100 hours.  Do you set the alarm for 0101 so it is after the second 0100? If you set it at 0100 will it go off twice?  We decided to set our alarm for 0045 and I’m so glad we did.  By the time we were pulling in to Aunt Liz’s house (the kids call our cousins aunts and uncles) 6 hours into our drive the kids were just starting to be awake.  My favorite quote of the day was from Eve as we pulled into the driveway, “it’s so dark today!” like it hadn’t crossed her mind that it could still be morning as we had been on the road for quite a while so the only possible conclusion is that it is dark today.  She is so cute!  I will be sad when she is out of the amazing quotes stage as the two older kids are pretty much out of that hilarious stage.  Like probably every other parent I wish I had been writing more of them down all these years.  

Liz and Tobias were already up and very shortly after we had greeted them another familier face came out of the back headroom, Aunt Susan! Bonus! We didn’t think we would get to see her and feel pretty lucky to have come through on just the right day.  Al was up shortly and started making waffles for the kids.  The kids settled down with Tobias on the floor to watch Wreckit Ralph while us grown ups visited.  

 We were in Redding from 0600-0800 then due to distance needing to be covered we headed south.  We were sad to drive through Sacramento with out stopping and hope our family in that area understand the time constraints. We love you all.  Of course we had to hit up In-N-Out for lunch. And after almost 1000 miles of driving we pulled into San Bernardino at 1804 (6:04 PM).   


We noticed a Japanese restaurant on our way to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s hotel  that would be perfect to walk to for dinner.  Grandma’s best friends growing up were Japanese and so besides that it is delicious it also has a special place in her heart.  

  A blurry picture, but still I love it!  
 After dinner the kids went Swimming.  We were going to get back on the road, but Grandma and Grandpa insisted we get a nap in so we crashed with them until 0100. Continued prayers for safe travels would be much appreciated especially since we are pushing so hard through the areas we have been so we can enjoy more slowly the new states we will encounter on this drive.

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