Oregon Coast Aquarium Newport

We finally made it to one of Newport’s biggest attractions, the aquarium.  We have been before but not with the new shipwreck display and this time we were able to have Cyrus and Aunt Stephanie along with us.   

  I would not like to run into this guy while snorkeling.  The little ones I saw at Richardson Beach in Hilo were scary enough to have me kicking away as fast as I could.  This guy is 8 feet long!  
    We watched the otters being fed by their trainers. 
 This abalone was tired of his hitchhiker.  

 Aunt Stephanie let the kids experience the 68 mph wind of a hurricane. Cyrus was not too sure about it and Eve grinning ear to ear yelled, “May Day! May Day! May Day!” There was quite a crowed gathered around to watch.

 When we were all done at the aquarium we took all four of our little fruit loops to the hotel and let them play around in the hot tub while Chad went grocery shopping and brought “home” Chineese food take out.  Party in our room!  The kids were pretty cute and had a fun day.

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