Life In A Hotel Moment

This morning after work I ran to FredMeyer and picked up some necessities and some morning coffee for Chad and myself.  The rain was pouring out of the clouds at at rate that requires a pre unlock click of the remote, grabbing everything and dashing to the car.  At the hotel I parked three spots away from the entrance and again grabbed and dashed still getting fairly wet.   When I arrived at our room Chad was whistling in the shower and the kids were finishing their breakfast.  When Chad got out of the shower he announced that he needed to run to the store to get some necessities. Lol.  Oops guess I should have asked if there was anything I could get him at the store.  I encouraged him to leave the kids and just run to the store.  They would be fine in the room with me even if I fell asleep.   I hadn’t really even started drinking my coffee (decaf) and Hannah came yelling out of the bathroom “The toilet is over flowing!” Groggily I jumped out of bed.  I guess I had dozed off. I jumped toward the bathroom, took the back off the toilet and held the float up as Caleb, following instructions, ran down to the front desk for more towels and a plunger.   He returned quickly with I believe the manager, four big towels and a plunger.  As they came in Myra made a dash for the open door, I knew it wasn’t beyond her to make a move like that, but she had never yet done it.  I was completely caught off gaurd.  Out the door she went I made a mad dash for her and stopped at the stairs.  She was already down them and out of sight.  I turned back.  My socks were already soaking wet from our bathroom flood, but I probably should have shoes and a jacket to go running off chasing the dog.  I realized then that the extra key was not in my pocket.  I knocked on the door to the room with no answer.  Amazingly the manager came by at that exact time (since she was there a couple minutes earlier when the dog ran out) she knew it was my room at let me in.  Thank goodness because in the time it had taken me to chase Myra to the stairs and come back all three of my kids had taken the elevator to the lobby to try to help me out and no one was left in the room.  I pulled off my socks slipped on my flip flops and grabbed a coat.  As I dashed back up I passed Caleb and the girls with Chad’s Coffee and grocery bags.  chad had sent them up with the items he had purchased so he could help me catch Myra.  She is so darn quick some times.  We looked around both sides of the hotel and the end of the parking lot to no avail.  Chad had me go back to the room and deal with the bathroom flood and volunteered to drive around and look for Myra.  The toilet was no longer over flowing thank goodness.  We were able to sop up the mess with the towels we had already used so the new towels brought up could replace the used ones.  A few minutes plunging if that gave us a running, not overflowing toilet again.  Caleb ran the plunger back down and before I could change into my PJs Chad was back with our furry beast.  He had driven around and not seen Myra but on his return trip he had spied her wispy black tail in a fenced in area she had some how gotten into.  She came right to him then the owner of the lot came up and asked him if “that” was a Newfoundland and he had answered Yes.  The man said, would you like to meet my Newfoundland? So Chad and Myra met Max…guess the man wasn’t too upset about them trespassing on his property and now they are both back safe and sound although dripping wet.  

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