Pumpkin Patch 2015

We made it to Bauman Farm for the second time ever and it was a great experience.  We arrived about 10:30AM and surprisingly were not the only school aged children at the patch.  It was however not crowded like the last time we visited two years ago.  We bought the wrist bands which were made worth it with in the first hour.  From 10:30AM – 5:30PM the kids played happily from one activity to the next.  It was relaxing for us parents as well.  Eve cracks me up continuously and today was no different.  As I watch her run around being her funky self, amused I wonder what God’s plan is for her life.  She may make me shake my head often, I still consider my self to be so lucky to get to be her mommy.  Caleb and Hannah being big and pretty responsible were given free reign they were just required to check in between activities so that I would have an idea where they were and wouldn’t worry about them.  They did well with the reins and not only checked in regularly they frequently planned ahead to go to some of the activities together or to take the littles (Eve and Cyrus) to the activities they felt they would like.   

 A bee decided it needed my cider more than I did 😟. 

  We are ready with a stash of pumpkins for carving. 

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