Olympia Washington

Our trip to the Washington state capitol building.  

We arrived into Olympia at lunch time and found this Greek food place just down the street from the capitol.  Loving falafels and wanting  to share that love with our kidlets we opted to eat lunch at The Gyro Spot.  Falafels for Chad and the kids, falafel salad for me.  They were not the same as those we had in Israel but weren’t too bad.  Caleb devoured his, but the girls weren’t as sure about it.    
    We finished lunch and arived at te capitol 15-20 min. before the 1:00pm tour.
  A memorial to remember The World War stood out front of the main building.
   Instead of everything in one building the Washington capitol building is designed in 5 separate buildings.  Only one looks like the capitol and it houses the House and Senate.  We learned this on the tour and it explains why the Capitol seemed so small. We learned that the domed roof is the tallest masonry dome in the Western Hemisphere… The third tallest in the world.  I guess most people who make domed buildings use other material than stone or brick.  

    Washington State seal
 All the light fixtures are from Tiffany and co. The largest collection of Tiffany lighting in the world.  They told us that after we learned that the exterior of the building is built with sandstone which seems like an odd building material.  Just when you think they were either going for affordable or local the throw in the expensive and not local but deffinately unique.

 There are 5 kinds of marble in the building, and the only gold (some capitol buildings have copious amounts) was thread around the seal in the curtains of the ballroom. 

    The other thing that made this capitol unique (I think it is he first one we have seen) it has no murals!  All the empty painted plaster walls and no art.  The story is that they could never decide what to paint. They painted one that had a nude in it and eventually decided it wasn’t appropriate and painted over it.
 The tour guide let the kids each sit in the governors chair.

   Eve is such a ham… 
 A picture of the Capitol when it was first built.


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