Camp’n at the beach with mom & dad in-love

My work week this week has been a little crazy.  Two day shifts, an evening, another day shift followed by three night shifts.  Chad and the kids are doing a work weekend at my parents to get their place put up for winter.  Chad’s parents, aunts and uncles were camping at the beach and let me crash their party which was so good since I am not good at being alone, I haven’t had too much practice and I’m ok with that.   

 We had a coastal storm.  The wind rocked the trailer and the pounding surf made the best white noise.  The waves were memorizing, but of all the good things the company was the best.

 Aren’t they so cute!  I love these two to the moon and back!  Thank you for letting me crash your beach weekend.  

Side note…

I did accidently lock them in their trailer and go to work.  The door didn’t unlock from the inside 😳 thank goodness there was family close by to rescue them.  They may not let me have the key to the trailer again, and a few people including me, after I got over feeling bad, got a big belly laugh out of the deal.

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